Written by 6:15 pm Spiritual Warfare

Prophetic Declaration – July 1

As you mark the beginning of the second half of this year, you will witness how grace overcomes all obstacles.

The need for more of Me is there. I am here for you. But you need to set the sails. Hundreds of things, people clamour for your attention. But your main need is for Me.

As you and I spend hours together, you will tap into my eternally filling bowl of grace.

My grace will answer all your prayers even before you pray them. My grace will take you where you shied to go before, all these years. It will heal you of your fears and anxieties.

Physical healing will manifest when your mind is at peace in Me. Sickness and infirmities of the spirit, soul and body will flee at the sound of My Name – JESUS.

You will not labour in vain – My grace will grant you success in every area of your life – where others fail. You need that jump start. So connect with Me now onwards.

Dream more, child of God. Hold Me closer and dream on, with Me.

I don’t care where you are, how you are and what you’ve been. Just come to Me.

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