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Prophetic Declaration – Feb

Get ready, you Faithful who have not compromised – for you shall be empowered from GOD on High, to tread on serpents and demons. And we shall behold the Glory of the Lord.

You have not understood why you had to go through some tough things that really stretched you, but the Lord says: “I allowed it so that I may bring you to maturity”.

And He says, “Now you shall be fruitful for My kingdom , for I will take you as a weapon in the hand of a man, and with you, I will strike down My enemies”.

Receive the power to be fruitful, in Jesus name! Your God Yahweh just whispered your name in someone’s ear. Great things are about to happen!

Your waiting on God is not in vain. You are about to be ‘mantled’ with Dunamis power and Exousia authority for generational impact. A paradigm shift is taking place for you. The dreams you had about your calling is coming into reality. Get ready to fly in your spiritual walk, family life, ministry, career, life…for JESUS’ glory.

Somebody out there this holy day, YOU are precious to God. You cannot put your finger on it, but you know that you know that you know – something is getting ready to change around you.

With the authority that JESUS gave you as a believer – believe and receive – your next level of growth in Him is about to manifest.

It’s been in you all along, but it was waiting for a time such as this. You are being turned into a world-changer!

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