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Prophetic Declaration – April 1

Be ready for a massive comeback. Jesus is with you in the storm. Let praise and worship go higher.

The LORD is giving you a brand new heart, for the one you have – has been broken, deceived, betrayed, hurt and damaged.

Now with your new heart, you will be able to forgive and love those who hurt you, rejected you and hit you hard to knock you down.

I am bringing lost loved ones back home. They left and you lost contact with them. Over time, all that has remained is a thin, weak strand of hope that one day, you will be reunited. But I am the God who brought the lost son back home to his father. I know how to bring prodigals back to their senses. I will cause them to come to their right places.

I am your peace. I am your great help.

And now you are being restored; you will arise on wings like the eagles, above those who pushed you into the ditch of pain and shame and covered you with dirt and stones.

Jehovah Jireh will let your enemies know that you are coming back; this is a comeback season and your enemies will run confounded in shame, for what they thought was dead in the storm, now lives and rises above them, in Jesus’ Most Holy Name.

Purely in HIS strength alone.

All glory, honour and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ.


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