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Prayer for writers

Abba Father,

We bring to you the ones among us who use our writing skills to earn a living.

We can do nothing apart from Christ. We pray that we will abide in Him and work in His grace, wisdom and strength.

We  submit our writing to You and we ask that we use this skill for Your glory and praise.

Father, You spoke this world into being. Your word made flesh – Jesus Christ – reveals You. And Your written word, anointed by Your Holy Spirit, feeds, strengthens and sanctifies Your children.

We pray for fictional and non-fictional writers, bloggers, journalists, authors, researchers, editors and anyone who works with words.

Lord, one of the ways we image you is through our writing. We thank You for this gift.

We thank You for the joy we have in weaving words together.

May we never use the pen to destroy, but to build up, Your kingdom, all people and the world we live in.

Forgive us when we fail to use this gift You’ve given in a way that honours You, for times when we hide it, or when we fear men more than we fear You.

Bless our thinking and our hands. Bless also the ones who are being influenced by our writing. May no evil or filth ever seep through. Wash and cleanse every word we read or write, in Your Precious Blood.


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