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Prayer for the lukewarm in faith

Lord Jesus, we surrender to You those among us who have a lukewarm relationship with You and the church.

Lord, You have created us with the capacity for deep affections — to love, to laugh, to enjoy, to praise, to connect and to be thankful.

We confess that our affections for You are often grievously tepid, while our selfish interests rise to the forefront.

Father, we pray in Jesus’ Name against lukewarm Christianity. Lord, set our spirits on fire with the fire of God through the Holy Spirit. Forgive us for any complacency and set our feet in motion to do Your complete will.

We are easily and foolishly concerned with worldly success and prosperity, while languid and unmoved about the greater things of heaven.

We know that our errant affections are most offensive to You when we learn of the infinite height, depth, length and breadth of Your love for us in Christ Jesus. Of You giving Your infinitely dear Son to be offered up a sacrifice for my sins, of the unparalleled love of the innocent, holy and tender Lamb of God, manifested in His dying agonies, bloody sweat, loud and bitter cries and bleeding heart.

And all this – to redeem sinners like us from deserved eternal burning and give to us unspeakable and everlasting joy and glory. And our responses are  cool, lethargic and indifferent.

O gracious Father, thank You that Your Son’s great sacrifice is so great and so sufficient.

Affectionate Father, we are humbled to the dust that we are not more affected at what affects You. We repent of being slothful in zeal.

No more, Father! Make us boil in spirit as we serve You. To be moved by Your glorious gospel and precious promises is why You gave us lives! Nothing in earth or heaven is greater or more important.

Today, we take to heart Your Son’s warning: “Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm…I will spit you out of my mouth”.

Merciful Father, make us seek Your Holy Presence most of all. Whatever it takes, whatever it costs us, help us truly treasure what is valuable and forsake what is worthless.

Lord, You said that those who are neither hot nor cold would be spat out. We pray that we really begin to live out our Christian faith with love, passion, freedom and grace.

May we also never become blind followers of the blind, but exercise Your wisdom and caution, when facing challenges in our faith walk.

Bring Your  Holy Spirit alive in us – every day – like a fresh anointing.

In the name of Jesus, Your glorious Son, the Pearl of Incredible Price, we ask.


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