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Prayer for the unemployed

Lord Jesus, You are the Lord our God – our provider and our sustainer. Today we pray for those who are longing for a job, want to switch careers or start a business.

Today, we recognise all those who are also being impacted by the economic struggle brought on by the Covid-19 crisis. As nations of the world work hard to contain the coronavirus, job loss, furloughs, and pay cuts have become a reality for more and more people.

Let us gather together as one human family to pray and support one another during this challenging time.

Merciful Provider, you sustain and nourish all who are in Your kingdom, from the birds of the air, to the beasts of the earth, to Your human children. You seek out the needful and the suffering and raise them up. You provide for the hungry, the thirsty and those in need of shelter.

We pray that these brothers and sisters will have the grace to pray and seek Your will when they apply for jobs, during this hard season.

Lord, we lift up our prayers to you for all who are being impacted by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. For those whose incomes have been reduced, for those whose jobs have been suspended and all who are facing unemployment – across all industries.

Holy One, You sustain all who fall and raise up all who are bowed down. Provide for the families and individuals who are enduring economic hardship.

Draw Your people together into one supportive and loving community.

May they never lose hope when rejections come. If they need to switch jobs or start a business, which will fulfil Your calling for their lives better – please give them the grace and strength and support.

Line up the right people and open doors of Your favour.

May they have the will and the grace from You to try and try again without giving up. Provide them and their families with finances for their daily needs.

Tell them every day what should be done with their time, their lives.


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