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Prayer for the lonely

Lord Jesus, loneliness is the first thing that Your eyes seemed as not right.

We pray for those among us who are living alone in this world – the singles, the married singles, the aged, the ostracised. We pray for anyone who is fighting loneliness desperately – with tears and prayers, right now.

Lord, the world is full of lonely people who are weary and burdened, alone and afflicted. We pray that many would find their comfort and succour in You, who came to earth to carry our burdens, heal our brokenness and set us free from life’s bondages.

We pray for people who live alone and have gone without human touch for several weeks.

We pray for adults living in nursing homes, wondering when they will be able to see their loved ones again.

We pray for anyone who now stares at a computer screen all day—still interacting with people, but missing the warmth of social interaction.

We pray for children who miss friends, teachers and playgrounds.

We pray for anyone fighting an illness that worsens in isolation.  We pray for the institutionalised and the jailed.

We pray for everyone to reach out in safe, yet creative ways to check on one another. May we remember that we are called to be your hands and feet. As we connect in new ways, may we go wisely where you call us.

Thank You, that You have promised to give Your precious rest and perfect peace to all who look to You. We pray that Your presence will surround us when we are at our loneliest points.

Let us remember that YOU will never leave us and never forsake us. We pray that if it is Your will, You will provide us with the right partners to be Your loving touch and voice to us.

And through it all, may we remember you are “Emmanuel”: God with us. Thank you that we are never alone.


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