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Prayer for our friends

Dear Abba Father,

Thank You for giving me such a vibrant community of friends to share my life with. I praise You for the people You have blessed me with, the ones who have come alongside me to love, encourage, support and uplift me through all the twists and turns of life.

I’m so grateful that I do not have to go through life alone, but that You have shown me examples of Your love through my dear friends. I see You in them, thank YOU, Abba.

Lord, I come to You today in gratitude for the people in my life. Friends, coworkers, relatives, neighbours, mentors… they all enrich my life in ways I am incredibly thankful for. I pray that in my communities and circles of friends, we would be people who bear one another’s burdens and love at all times.

I pray that we would encourage one another and build each other up while serving one another.

May I daily come to You in prayer, Lord, giving You thanks for all the relationships in my life and asking that You be present and at work in each of them. Strengthen the bonds I have with my loved ones.

Open my eyes to new friendships I can be making, and new people I can connect with – but never casting aside or throwing away the old.

Help me to forgive freely, let go of grudges, love humbly and serve others with a willing spirit.

I pray that You would be present in my friendships, that You would be drawing us together in deeper community with one another toward greater unity with You. I pray that You would help heal any places of brokenness or discord in my friendships, and that You would restore any friendships that have fallen apart.

Like Your Word says, may I clothe myself in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. May I be patient with my friends, and may I forgive freely like You have forgiven me. May I shine your light in my friendships, giving glory to You through all that I do, say, and think.

Thank You for my friends, Jesus. Thank You for the ways they build me up and remind me of Your goodness and faithfulness.

You alone are worthy of all praise – may all of my relationships give glory back to You, Lord! Thank YOU for giving us Your Holy Spirit – the bestest friend we could ever have! We are truly grateful and loved.

In Your Loving Son Jesus Christ’s name I pray,


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