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Prayer for divorcees

Lord Jesus, You created man and gave woman to him as a partner.

We pray for those of us who are facing separation, divorce, or have already gone through the pain of divorce and are now struggling with pain and guilt.

We pray that these brothers and sisters can receive complete healing and deliverance by Your power.

May no one abuse their vulnerability and pain. Heal their wounds, and help them truly forgive and move on.

Save the marriages that can be saved. Help the single parents, especially those living alone with children.

Bless and heal the divorced and their children too. Make them believe that Your mercy flows even after the world’s judgment.

And help them to remain in Your grace and lead holy lives.


Prayer of one going through a divorce

O Lord my Healer, I need You to touch my mind, spirit, and soul and bring healing. My heart has been torn in two, and I feel like I can never heal from the betrayal I’ve experienced. And yet, I know all things are possible with You. In Your mercy and compassion, heal these hurts and wounds from this season of bitterness. May I taste joy once again as I rest in You.

Lord of lights, I need You to help me overcome these unhealthy emotions because of this divorce. Where there is anger, replace it with forgiveness.

Where there is bitterness, replace it with a sweet and wholesome spirit. Where there is confusion, replace it with clarity and wisdom.

Lord, I don’t want this divorce to turn me into an unhappy person, but to be calmly confident in my relationship with You.

God of justice, I pray for Your sovereignty to prevail in divorce court. I pray that this marriage will be dissolved peacefully and justly. May I receive the relief I seek with regard to support, division of property, and custody. As we go through the process, may we both be honest and fair. May each step of this painful process go smoothly, with a minimum of trauma and drama.

My righteous Judge, I pray that You will oversee each part of this divorce settlement. I pray for a just and equitable settlement. I pray that my spouse and I will be able to negotiate all facets of this settlement in a cordial and fair way. I pray that our emotions would not cloud our judgment and our behaviour. Help us to come to an amicable agreement that reflects what both of us have contributed to this marriage.

Loving Lord, I have been bruised and ill-treated, and feel it will be hard to trust someone ever again. But I know that You are always there, supporting me and guiding me and loving me each step of the way. Help me to trust in You – to just rest in You and let You care for the details and heal my heart.

May I not feel abandoned but loved by You. May that love give me confidence as I move on with my life.


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