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Planning to buy a new car?

People planning to buy new cars don’t really care about market research and evaluation just before going to purchase their desired car.

This article can guide you about the real benefits of looking around for a car just before making the final deal.

The fact is, you might surely have a lot of money but this is also true at the same time that there is no meaning of wasting money unnecessarily. So it’s better to do some kind of market research before making the deal and in order to do it, you will need to shop around at first.

There are four steps in total that are solely related to shopping around for a car. Let me discuss one by one.

• So one of the best ways to shop around a car is to visit the dealership with zero intention of purchasing because you will only visit them for having a good knowledge of pricing.

However, try to visit in such a time when the dealership is closed so that there will be no one to bother you. Even if you get bothered by the salesman let them know your purpose.

If they still keep bothering you, then leave and try to visit another dealership.

• While visiting the dealership, take a close look at what they’re paying for the cars you want. This is also known as the invoice price. One more way to get the invoice price is to surf the web.

However, in this stage, you will need to ensure that the invoice price fully matches with the requirements and features of your car. Otherwise, it won’t carry any meaning.

With it let’s move onto another step which is getting online quotes.

• So getting online quotes is another way that can be used as bargaining chips regardless if you are planning to buy new car online or not. You can visit several websites for that.

Some of the highly popular websites are Auto Bytel, VINSNOOP, PRICE QUOTES etc. So let’s say if you want to look for a Honda, use the exact same way as mentioned earlier.

You can also ask someone who has experience with buying the exact similar vehicle so that he can let you have some idea.

• Lastly get your finances ready, before heading to the dealership.

There are two ways to get a loan. At first, the bank is one of the reliable sources. However, you can use crediting agency instead of a bank in case you get refused. But never ask for a loan from any dealership. It is not recommended. And also try to get a free credit report.

There are reporting agencies that will allow you to get the free report every year which will be helpful and needed in the near future.


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