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Pastor’s children die in train collision

Two young daughters of US pastor were killed when a train barrelled into their father’s pick-up truck – pushing it along for thousands of feet — in a crash that “devastated” the family’s church community.

Pastor Chad Fryar from CrossRoads Cowboy Church Bismarck was travelling with his three children when a train that was heading north hit the vehicle as it crossed the tracks, shunting into the passenger side of the truck.

His daughters Marlee Jo and Dana Kate died in the accident.

The violent collision also injured Rev Chad, 37, and his young son after the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado that he was driving was struck by the train, while crossing the tracks around 1:45pm, state police said.

The pick-up truck became wedged at the front of the train, which forcefully pushed the vehicle about 2,400 feet before the train came to a screeching halt, KTHV reported.

Rev Fryar and his son were airlifted to hospitals. They survived the accident and are being treated for their injuries.

The pastor’s wife, Rachel, was at home at the time.

The church in the US state of Arkansas is mourning the loss of their pastor’s two daughters.

Sharing the devastating news online, the church requested healing prayers for Pastor Chad and his son Bo Henry.“We are devastated by [the] tragic events and the loss of Marlee Jo and Dana Kate,” the statement read. “Chad and Bo Henry are stable in local hospitals. Please continue to pray for their healing. Please pray for Rachel as she navigates this loss and ministers to her son and husband.”An update on the church’s Facebook on Sunday  stated that Bo Henry had undergone surgery and is recovering well, while Pastor Chad has now been discharged from the hospital.

The post also thanked everyone for their prayers and support.

“Thank you, everyone, worldwide that is reaching out and praying! God is working and your prayers are being heard! Pastor Chad was able to check out of the hospital right after our services today”.

The church also set up a prayer circle for the grieving family this weekend.

Union Pacific Railroad said no one on the train was injured. There are crossbuck stop signs on both sides of the tracks, but no flashing lights or crossing gate to warn of coming trains.

The crash is under investigation.

(Picture Courtesy: Facebook)

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