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Monday Reflection – Sept 4

Never delay getting right with God.

Every day, God gives us an option to get into the secret place of intimacy with Him and to get right with Him and man.

Don’t stop your blessings by staying angry, anxious, bitter, unhappy or lethargic. And never let everyday glitches take you off the road to heaven. Stay focused.

Often, hurt doesn’t just come from huge disappointments in life. Deep emotional hurt can come from a series of minor annoyances.

That’s why we must know how to handle the small, daily disappointments and keep them in perspective. Otherwise, they can get out of hand and be blown out of proportion.

When you have a hard life, even minor setbacks can make life even much harder. Suddenly everything that was already hard seems unbearable.

You may have fallen, but you don’t have to stay there. Look at the bigger picture, don’t waste time moaning over the traffic jams, the annoying boss, the crying baby, one failed chance and the spilt coffee, when you have the Creator fighting for you. JESUS promised HE would never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5)

God is willing and able to pick you up. You gotta make the call with Jesus. Give up or give it to God.

#HeIsMyRock #AllThingsWorkTogetherForMyGood #KeepFightingTheGoodFightOfFaith

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