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Monday Reflection – Oct 25

Every day, you spend time seeking information and often an encounter, with even random strangers. A politician, a manager, a celebrity, a religious leader, a company director – people in power. You read what they write, you watch them on TV, you listen to their talks and study them, discuss their ideologies.

When was the last time you read your Bible? Not just listened to it being read in church, but genuinely dug into the precious Word of God to seek God’s plan and purpose for your life? And if hours are committed to obtaining that next degree or advancing your career, are any hours of your already busy life left for GOD? Do you read about Him, listen about Him, spend time talking to Him and listening to Him?

God said, seek HIM first and His Kingdom and everything would be added unto you. Don’t just make plans and tag God at the end.

Don’t divide your life into secular and Godly. Jesus should be the Master whom everything in your life revolves around – your interactions with people, ministry choices, career/study decisions, daily activities, travel, relationships – bring Him into those and more.

Everything becomes godly when God is invited into it.


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