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Monday Reflection – Oct 16

Most problems resolve themselves when they are given to God in persistent, fervent prayer.

Counsellors agree that even the most suicidal people can be helped if they give it 24 hours. Just one day, before you make decisions that can take you from your current hell to permanent hell.

Today, you and I have the choice to set our sails. Make sure that each challenge is a new chance to set your sails in the right direction. We can go the wretched and easier route, or the longer and right route, holding tightly onto GOD.

Old habits die hard. Crucify that old self that always goes the negative way.

That’s where Jesus figures. Just go into your room, get on your knees and cry to Him. He will rush in and heal your deepest wounds, hold you close. Even your family or your dearest friend cannot help you all the time. JESUS can and He will.

Never make a decision that can change your entire life – when you are sad, angry or confused. Emotions don’t rule you, God’s Word should. And that’s why His Word says, “Take each thought and make it captive to CHRIST” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

That one action – having control of your mind – is a game changer for all believers. If you get into the habit of changing the way you think, it will in turn, control your words and actions.

Just look back at your own life. It’s your challenges and what you have overcome that really made you. Scars can be beautiful if they are God-touched.

Earth has no sorrow heaven cannot heal. And we have no pain that JESUS cannot remove.

Go on, turn your crosses over to JESUS. PRAISE HIM for all things – the good, the foolish, the silly and the bad.

Obey Him in every little thing. Then watch Him turn your challenges into blessings.

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