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Monday Reflection – Oct 10

One of the biggest challenges to our spiritual growth, our peace and joy is an unforgiving attitude. And most of us believe we are very forgiving and that we have truly forgiven. Not really.

Now think of the people who have hurt you the most, broken you the most in your life.

Think of a person who betrayed your trust and gossips about you now.

Remember one person who you just cant get along with. Imagine seeing that person on the street and the very thought makes you annoyed.

Or you defiantly think you don’t really care anymore. The best way to deal with him/her is to ignore that person exists and move on. You just cant handle the negative emotions they raise in your mind.

You hear someone you know praising your Judas to the skies and you are feeling incredulous, wondering if you both could really be speaking about the same person.

No, we have NOT forgiven. It ain’t easy either. But with HIS help, we can.

Time to work on our forgiveness. Time to pray for your Judas.

When you are able to picture your Judas without a frown and learn to eat with your Judas, you will learn JESUS’ love better.

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