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Monday Reflection – March 27

Don’t tolerate Satan’s lies against your loved ones. Take your authority in Christ, use the Word and break that bondage in your home, family, institution – your relationship with people matters to God.

Some of the oppression you are dealing with may not even have started with you.

When David gave his kingdom to Solomon, he warned his son about the enemies he was handing over as well. Solomon inherited his father’s legacy and his enemies. After Solomon destroyed his father’s enemies, his kingdom was established.

Some of what you are dealing with has its roots in your generation, your parents, grandparents, family. Deal with your family’s demons with Jesus’s authority and power, so that you can walk your Christian walk in full freedom.

Don’t blame your ancestors, when you have authority in Jesus’ name to wage war against the demons who they did not defeat. Don’t pass the blame, battle the curses that they did not conquer.

That sickness, demon, strife, anger, trauma, divorce, poverty, sickness, poor attitude, mental illness, suicidal thoughts, depression, fear, anxiety, stress, should end today – in your family and your inner circle.

Time for you to PRAISE HIM and rise up.

Time to break strongholds in His name. In your inner circle first.

Your strongest position is prayer.

Don’t take a safety pin to a gunfight. Don’t fight generational curses with pills or therapy. Demons are not removed by pills.

Demons are not to be lived with or tolerated. They are to be cast out in the name of Jesus.

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