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Monday Reflection – June 26

It is easier to pray for sainthood rather than win victory over a pile of mundane chores in our daily lives.
Everyone wants to save the earth, dolphins, community; nobody wants to do the dishes, forgive that spouse/friend/family member, help that grumpy colleague or tidy up that desk or room without being asked.
Before you claim you are pukka in all those areas, pause and recollect where there is no order in your life. Then find out why and resolve it. May be its in your spiritual walk – daily prayer, Bible reading. May be its your health – good rest, proper bedtime, less screen time, regular exercise and healthy diet. It could be your marriage and family life – loving your children, honouring your partner – less presents, more of your presence – at home. Finances may be – less spending, limited shopping, more saving. Your relationships – being a good friend to the ones God already gave you, making amends, saying sorry, helping strangers and becoming a respectful member of the church, community you belong to – someone who brings godliness, goodness and order into the chaos.
It’s amazing how we sometimes focus on getting more from God without already showing faithfulness to the people and things He already gave us. A bigger blessing will mean bigger challenges. A bigger house would need better maintenance, a marriage or a baby you are praying for would need more commitment, a promotion could mean more hard work and longer working hours.
If you can’t be loyal and committed to things God made you responsible for, then ask for more.
Character formation begins at home, within your inner circle.
Else, whatever we do in public becomes a clanging bell.
Let’s be faithful and bring order into what God has given us right now. It’s through our faithfulness in everyday little things, that God can trust us with more in the future.
Lord Jesus, help us master love in action daily – at home, with the annoying boss and the irritating neighbour, BEFORE we preach your word.
#StayingFaithfulToGodAndMan #LittleThingsFirst
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