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Monday Reflection – June 24

A terrifying storm on the Sea of Galilee. Raging winds and waves. The Son of God was asleep in the midst of all that. Calmness above the storm. When the disciples panicked, despite having the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords with them on the boat, Jesus gently rebuked the wind and the waves, saying “Peace, be still”. (Mark 4:39

What is the Lord trying to teach us? Life can throw us into storms of many kind – at work, within the family, in our ministry, health, business, across our nation and in everyday life.

In Greek, the word for peace Jesus used is siope, meaning its an order – to stay mute. The sea had to obey GOD.

The Greek word for ‘be still’ is pefimoso – meaning muzzle and silence. Nature wants to resist, but is powerless to fight against the power and authority of the Creator.

And you and I just need to learn that lesson over and over again – storms may come and go, but we worship the Lord who is above everything and everyone.

Learn to worship Him in the storm. And to stay calm. HE is with you; you will NOT fail.

The LORD did not promise us a life free of storms. JESUS just reminds us daily that HE is the omnipotent God, the Lord of everything.

Just be aware that the storms may come and go, the enemy can attack from all sides. The key for the lambs is to hold tightly to the Shepherd and never let go. Jesus will protect you and me from anything – He gave us His life and every drop of blood to prove that. HE can be trusted.

He is just a cry away. Meanwhile, the storms can rage.

But peace, be still.

#JesusIsMyRock #PeaceBeStill

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