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Monday Reflection – June 20

Many of us have been deeply wounded by people – family, friends, colleagues, even strangers. Forgiving is never easy. But blessing them is possible, immediately.

It’s scary that one day we will stand before the King of Kings answerable for every angry word, every negative thought, every bitter reasoning and for apologies not given.

No offence is worth losing the precious anointing God has placed over you. HIS plan for your life is more important than anything anyone did to you or what you imagine they may be doing to you. One day, the shackles will fall off. Meanwhile, you just forgive. It is a decision, the feelings will come later.

No ifs and buts. If they want to keep aloof, that’s between them and God. But don’t let any offensive, broken, messed up, struggling child of God keep you from heaven.

Because you and I are the same – may be even worse than them – it’s just the immense love of an amazing Saviour pouring liquid love into us that’s keeping us going.

Be merciful, just as God is merciful.

Nothing blocks God’s love and God’s blessings over your life more than an unforgiving attitude – it’s the cheapest dart from satan.

Don’t fall under it. Pluck it and throw it out – every time it hits you. And grow in love – with God and mankind.

#CreatedForJesus #GlorifyingJesusInEverything

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