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Monday Reflection – July 8

This is for the weary ones out there. The dear ones who have tarried and persisted but still see no visible change in your situation.

May be, you need an answer to your deepest prayer over a desperate situation, a breakthrough in health, finances, marriage, family, or an addiction broken or a challenge resolved once and for all.

GOD can open doors, clear the clutter, break bondages, make ways through the wilderness and totally heal and restore others and you. But it’s up to you and me to recognise the barriers we have put up.

When the Lord saved the Israelites from their enemies, they came carrying gold and yet they used the same gold to make a calf to worship, instead of worshipping their one true God.

Just recognise what is standing BETWEEN GOD AND YOU. It can be your own golden calf which is a block in your life. May be you have become so used to it  that you don’t even recognise it as a block in your faith walk anymore. Get rid of it.

Recognise what is your idol. May be money, success, a title, sickness, anger, spite, jealousy, unforgiving attitude, revenge, offence, stress, an addiction, lack of time and interest in God. That can be hindering your prayers, your spiritual growth, NOT God Himself.

Jesus said He will never leave us or forsake us, so if you feel far away, guess what? YOU moved.

Anything coming between you and God – is sadly closer to you than you have kept God.

#JesusCares #RunToGod

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