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Monday Reflection – July 31

Can you be in God’s will and miserable? Yes. But you can also be in tremendous peace.

If you are in a tough situation right now because you believe it’s where God wants you and yet you are frustrated and unhappy,” there’s good news.

When God lets us remain in a difficult situation, He provides us with grace for us to get through it. The kind where we can’t believe we’re dealing with something tough, but still have His peace.

When we say things like, “I just don’t think I can make it,” we’re essentially giving up and letting satan have his way, when we could just as easily trust God to help and sustain us.

What are you doing right NOW with your faith?

Are you trying to change things that you have no ability to change? Are you burning out because you’re focusing on works?

Because grace is available to you right now wherever you are and whatever you are facing, there’s no reason to struggle with your circumstances, trying to figure them out—or even fight your way out. Your circumstances don’t have to control you, because you have the power of God’s grace in your life. And it’s available to you in whatever amount you need, right now.

Learn to trust God for His grace on a daily basis. Keep the faith alive.

And keep your thoughts and words in line with His Word.

You know HE is around and He has your back.  That’s blind faith.

Faith in God isn’t just for the finish line.

#KeepTheFaith #GodIsInControl

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