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Monday Reflection – July 25

The woman caught in sin was kicked around by zealots and she fell right at the feet of Jesus. Legalistically religious, who sinned probably worse than her, sneered and wanted to kill her.

We too make excuses for our own behaviour, but when someone else does the same thing we do, we could be merciless.

Sometimes people, life, situations throw you face down, right in front of God.

The best place to be. Where – the only sinless, non-judgemental, loving pair of eyes will still gaze fondly at you.

He is the only one who keeps all His promises. And the only place where you get perfect acceptance always.

Cling on to JESUS for dear life. You will reach your destination. Bent and bruised may be, but never broken beyond repair.

Rejoice – the Master Carpenter knows you by name.

#GodRemembers #JESUSisFaithful

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