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Monday Reflection – July 24

You have no idea how many well dressed, happy looking and even outwardly-religious people are going about – totally broken.

On the one hand, you are struggling with your own pain and trying to see God working in it all. Recognise the battle and the enemy.

Its easy to trust God when we have a full understanding of what He is doing on our behalf. But trust is needed during those times when, for whatever reason, during our crises, we are not hearing from God as clearly as we would like. That’s when you fan the flame of your faith! Its faith of that kind that pleases God.

Then on the other hand, you are surrounded by those in pain too. While you are already struggling with your own battles…

Be JESUS to those people. You may be the only one willing to help. And, at any cost, NEVER wilfully break a person – not his/her relationships, career, dreams, ministry, home or reputation. Not for your ambitions, out of prejudice, because you are angry or jealous, out of allegiance to someone else/an organisation/ideology and certainly don’t do it ‘in prayer’ for your beliefs.

Many people hate God because of what happened to them or what someone did to them. Help them rewrite their stories – with happier endings.

Live and help live. For your own sake and for others.

Don’t give God a bad name. Reflect HIM instead.

#BeingChristLike #GodsChild

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