Written by 3:32 pm Spiritual Warfare

Monday Reflection – July 19

When facing a problem, don’t just ask God to solve it. Ask for HIS wisdom to show you the TRUTH. To show you what the real issue is.

Many of our problems have side issues which we need to deal with. You are still praying, but you haven’t obeyed God and acted on the true issue.

Have you done what YOU should be doing FIRST? TRUTH may not always taste like honey. To some…it’s tangy like vinegar, sour like lemons or just plain old brutally bitter.

When you speak the truth or deal with it…just know all may not swallow it easily, not even yourself.

Not everyone is receptive to TRUTH. Many will choose the comfort of familiar and wronged tradition, but reject a learned truth, because it comes with a required change.

Remember, only the truth will really bring that breakthrough, healing and set you free.


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