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Monday Reflection – July 18

Traditionally, when older farmers died, they gave their land to their children with one task – to leave the farm in better shape than when they received it.

Please apply this to whatever is YOUR inheritance from God.

Be faithful stewards and servants. Our home, ministry, time, talents, education, companies, money, land, families, friendships, even the people we meet – are all precious treasures which God has entrusted to us.

There are many in this world who would be glad to have one of more of these treasures gladly. Treat them at their true value – your inheritance from God.

Leave people and things in better shape than when you received them. Do not break God’s precious gifts, shove it all under the carpet and pretend it didn’t matter. It does. To God and to people. There are many out there – broken and grieving – may be you d not even know. YOU could make a difference.

God is the ultimate caretaker and he took it seriously…so should we.

Honour His gifts. Both people and things.

#ValueWhatGodValues #HonourGodAtAllTimes

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