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Monday Reflection – July 10

One can talk about pain, suffering, grief. But it’s quite different when you actually have to experience it first-hand.

Death, end of a relationship, betrayal of a friend, addiction, depression, loss of a job, financial crunch, repeated illness, trauma of any kind – you often read about it, you have watched it on TV, heard from someone who has faced it. Yet it’s always a blatant shock when it actually happens to you.

Mute pain. Never ending tears. Ache that rips you apart.

But God has been there.

JESUS is God and man, yet He went through pain. He saw around him death, sickness, rejection, deceit, greed, even religious manipulation. And HE took that all upon Himself and went to a brutal death.

Throughout the Bible, we see confused people trusting God. People who had some nasty shocks thrown at them, could barely keep afloat, but still chose to cling to JESUS. Lazarus’ sisters in their grief, woman with the issue of blood, tax collectors, the sick and the dying, prostitutes, lepers – people who saw nothing beyond their situation.

JESUS touched them all.

We are helped the best in our pain by people who have been there and know what agony is. You can be helped best by the Son of GOD cos He’s been there.

He can take all that pain and give you His peace in return.

Lay your head on His lap. He knows, He’s been there. He understands.

#JesusCarriesMe #JesusHeals

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