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Monday Reflection – July 1

Look closely at your life and check what’s affecting your walk with God the most. Tackle the root. Then the rest of the plant will be healthy.

We can pray a lot, read the Word and speak ‘Christian talk’ all the time, but there are hidden bugs in all our lives which need to be rooted out, dealt with.

May be you are not even aware of that thing that’s a big challenge in your daily life. May be you are aware but have learned to live with those flaws. You swear, lie, gossip, cheat, carry pain, offence, rejection, stress for no reason, shout at your kids, snap at your partner, have an unforgiving attitude, keep wrong company or you may be anxious about the future, have an addiction and may be even struggling to trust God. Prayer may even be a routine.

We need to bring those bugs to the foot of the Cross – often. Take your thoughts, actions, words and bring those under the light of His Word daily. Listen to His corrections. Fellowship with godly, loving people. Crucify the flesh and deal with things – buried deep inside. Stay obedient to JESUS, His Word and His Holy Spirit at all times.

In order to be aflame for JESUS, we must stay close to be purged by His fire.

#HolinessMatters #StickToJesus

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