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Monday Reflection – Jan 31

Even if you have only a whisper left, use that to praise God.

That would be such a slap in the face of satan.

And when you are feeling sick or low, find someone who is feeling a lot worse than you are, to be a blessing to.

Rally up faithful prayer warriors to praise God with you – for miracles and healing and answers on the way. Praise, worship, His name and His Word, His blood covering – the only things to focus on, especially during a hard season.

His anointing on your life can break every yoke of the enemy. We are already victorious by the Blood of Jesus. Keep the faith.

Either you believe in His Word all the way or don’t. There is no midway. When battles get fiercer, let praises go up louder.

And don’t forget to love God and love people, even while you are battling hard.

#PrayHarder #PUSH – Pray until something happens and beyond.


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