Written by 3:38 am Spiritual Warfare

Monday Reflection – Jan 3

To begin a revival, first get your own self and your own house, church and community in order. That’s where it all begins.

Draw a circle  around yourself and begin a massive clean-up inside. Then look outside – but only to truly empathise.

It’s not all about you. Too many people are walking offended; many are living with hidden pain. Respect people, cherish their victories as you would your own.

To quote Rumi, If you are irritated by every rub, how will you get polished?

You cannot control others, you can only control your own reactions to situations, people.

React well. That’s where GOD comes in. When you truly surrender to Jesus and tap into His love and infinite grace, nothing else matters.

You are complete and made holy. Peace, be still.


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