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Monday Reflection – Jan 10

We just heard the story of a child who got on stage to recite Psalm 23. He forgot the lines and said, “The Lord is my Shepherd. And that’s all I need to know.”

YES, that’s all we need to know. Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour, the Lord and Master of your life, get into an attitude of worship and praise.

Submit yourself to God. Clean up your act. With praise and thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. And then enjoy your day. Go about attending to your daily chores, while God sorts out your answers.

THAT is childlike faith in a Father who hears every prayer. And that blind trust – GOD will truly honour.

Do not let satan hammer you constantly with worry, fear and anxiety when the Lord of the Universe is on your case! Fear or faith – you cannot chose both.

Once it is given to God, do NOT carry it again.

Remember: Whatever you are carrying – is not as important as WHO you are carrying it to.


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