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Monday Reflection – Feb 20

Many of us decide to tackle bigger addictions/habits during Lenten fasts (those too, for a short term, sadly)

But it’s the smaller habitual sins that make holes in our spirituality daily – like moths ruining clothing and eventually our consciences are deadened.

All of have that thorn – that battle that drained us, that person who broke us, that hill which we just cannot seem to climb, that wound that resurfaces, that scar that just won’t heal. Even religion that never healed, but broke you even further.

Life can throw it back at us often, but stop blaming and stop focusing on what life, people threw at us.

You and I can come out of the pit each day, each moment, IN HIS STRENGTH.

Less of religion, more of Him.

Be joyful always, speak good, spend wisely, give generously, thank God at all times, love your enemy, forgive quickly…tackle your ingrained small evils today in Jesus’ strength and replace those with the good.

LENT – Leave Every Negative Thing.

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