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Monday Reflection – Aug 8

So many people seem miserable these days and, it inevitably ends up with them lashing out at somebody.

All beautiful relationships do not depend on how well we understand someone, but on how well we manage the misunderstandings.

Every happy relationship has one common factor – respect.

We can never prevent ALL people from saying or doing things that hurt our feelings. This world offers us many chances daily to get offended.

You will have a tough time if you don’t master the technique of dealing with people and offences, slights, hiccups in relationships – even in your adulthood.

When someone hurts our feelings or offends us, we do have a choice. The negative think: ‘You did this on purpose”.

Instead, pray: “Lord Jesus, I may not even see this right—I may be the problem. God, first deal with me.”

BLESS your enemies. That would bring them conviction. The world is not out to hurt you. It has enough pain of its own. Do not imagine hurts, offences and slights and hurt more. And do not retaliate over imagined slights.

Choose to believe the best of people instead.

Promote what you love – in people and in the world – instead of bashing which you hate.

#LoveHisWay #JesusIsOurRoleModel

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