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Monday Reflection – Aug 30

Man looks at external appearances, but God sees our hearts.

If you desire spiritual purification, turn to God and ask HIM to expose what is FAKE in you. What you lie about daily. The façade that is your life.

You could be a mess at home and horrible to family or friends and still preach about godly love, marriage. You use the same tongue to worship God and to bring people, their ministries down.

You could be rude, gossipy, petty, unforgiving and yet give an impressive lecture about valuing relationships. You could be a harsh parent, mean teacher and still give education counselling and teach others how to raise their kids right.

You may be talking generosity, but be a stingy giver. You could be preaching honesty, but stealing time, money and resources from your work place.

You could be a man or woman of God even in a pulpit, but your home, lifestyle, vehicle, hobbies, dressing, earthly goods and associations – may be against the very Word you are preaching.

You could be talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

What impresses your church need not impress God. Don’t fake love, sincerity, any emotions. Sometimes you may even be unaware.

The last time someone told you, you snapped at them.

ASK GOD to show you the real YOU. You underneath all this mess – is what GOD sees. He knows you way too well anyway.

And be brave, prompt and tidy up, before it is too late.

JESUS can help clean up the worst messes possible!



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