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Monday Reflection – Aug 2

The Levite who ignored the fallen man was probably on his way to the synagogue to ‘pray’ or preach about ‘love, mercy & forgiveness’.

He walked away from a brother. The Samaritan helped and went the extra mile for a stranger.

People the world labelled as sinners, discovered a deeper level of worship, which those who surrounded Jesus with a thorough knowledge of the Torah, did not seek or get.

The most religious should never be the meanest! Yet, those kind of people from any faith, even today – judge the harshest way. The worst – they ‘spiritualise’ gossip about those who are not around to defend themselves – ‘only telling you out of concern so you can pray’.

The cheapest cut of all.

Think about it. Do not make people hate or mock God through your behaviour

#LiveHisLove  #HappyAugust

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