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Monday Reflection – Aug 14

We must obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29)
Obedience is big. This week, ask yourself how you have disobeyed GOD in the big and small, to blindly obey anybody else or yourself.
The habit of obedience has to be developed over time, as we look out for God’s will in the big and the small and prove ourselves faithful in one situation after another.
By the time Abraham’s obedience was fully tested, he had developed such complete trust in God that he was willing to sacrifice his own son – the son he had believed God for and had waited for, for a very long time.
Many people refuse to obey God until they see every bit of their journey. But obedience is the first step in following God, as He heals your soul  step by step.

As the cycle of obedience continues, you will find yourself making great progress on your journey of intimacy with Jesus.

So, obey without questioning or hesitating.
Don’t sell your soul for human promotion or self applause. Some day, we will face God and no one else will give an account of our mistakes to Him.
We could make mistakes; but we should not be satisfied to stay the way we are. Our hearts need to be longing to obey Jesus at any cost. That’s how we position ourselves for great blessings and become people that God can use for His glory.
That is what we were called to and created for. God honours an obedient soul.
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