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Monday Reflection – April 3

The dumb things we think and say. “Lord, I have no one/nothing but you” (meaning, poor me has no one, but God )

You and God IS majority.

People can love you, be there for you, but not always. Never like JESUS.

Even the ones who are there for you need not be around when you need them. And those who are ready to be around may not have a chance to be.

None of those hangups – with GOD.

HIS presence is the most precious thing you can ever imagine, this side of heaven.

At any cost, don’t grieve and lose the Holy Spirit.

Whatever you gain – fame, possessions, titles, wealth, relationships, popularity – does not hold a candle to Christ’s constant presence.

#JesusIsMyRock #JesusKnowsUsLikeNobodyElse

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