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Monday Reflection – April 17

Life can be hard. And it can be harder to walk the narrow road, the road less travelled. Some of the roads we take, especially in obedience to God, can be the hardest.

But when you have put your hand on the plough, don’t look back.

God is not a killjoy. He knows the deepest concerns  and desires of your heart. He has your back, like nobody else. Focus only on obeying Him in everything. Your happiness is His business.

Some believe that choosing to obey God means He would decide to send you to sandy Sahara. But if God intended you to serve Him there, you would never be truly happy disobeying Him and living anywhere else.

And don’t let fear, stress, rejection, people, situations, anything else – make you doubt God’s Word. What HE has to say about you matters the most.

His plan is the best plan.

Beyond the realms of what we can see, God is working out the beautiful tapestry of our lives, preparing us for a gorgeous eternity with Him. Just let Him do it thoroughly.

Today matters, but He matters the most. Let Him know that, through your life.

#JesusFirst #InHisService

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