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‘Merry Pigmas’ cards cause pain

Furious members of the public have blasted M&S for selling ‘Merry Pigmas’ cards, claiming it is “unacceptable and offensive” to replace ‘Christ’ with a cartoon swine.

The cards depict Percy Pig wearing a Christmas hat. The slogan is “Merry Pigmas”.

Author and mum-of-four Christian Laura Jansson was outraged when she spotted the retail giant’s charity money wallets emblazoned with ‘Merry Pigmas’. The wording appears alongside images of Percy Pig sporting a festive hat. ‘Merry Pigmas’ money wallets are sold as a £5.50 pack.

M&S had the best intentions, with hopes to donate £200,000 to partners. Sales of the set will help donate money to Shelter, Breast Cancer Now, Royal British Legion, Macmillan Cancer Support and Marie Keating Foundation.

Laura, a priest’s daughter, slammed the decision on Facebook, quizzing whether the chain would “replace the name of another religion’s prophet with ‘pig’ for a laugh?”

Doula and published author Laura, who has an Oxford theological degree, saw her post flooded with comments from fellow Christians “offended” at the retailer’s decision.

Fellow Christians supported Laura’s post and slammed the store’s decision.

Amanda Jane said: “Deeply offensive. What an arrogant attitude for Marks and Spencer to have…. to think this is even acceptable.”

Emma Woodgate wrote: “Absolutely offensive! Imagine doing that with any other deity! We are a Christian country!”

Another angry member of the public Anthea Rochelle Christodoulou wrote: “Yes I don’t agree with that mockery at all. Christmas is the celebration of Christ not anything else.

Many found that the true meaning behind Christmas was being pushed to the side in favour of a more secular, funny approach.

(With inputs from Express UK; Picture Courtesy: Laura Jansson/Facebook)
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