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Max Lucado ill, asks for prayer

Pastor Max Lucado, well-known across the world for his Christian books, has been diagnosed with a serious cardiovascular condition.

The 66-year-old San Antonio pastor said his doctors had found a bulge in the large blood vessel closest to his heart, called an ascending aortic aneurysm. If aortic aneurysm ruptures, it can become life-threatening, but early diagnosis and treatment can prevent complications.

Lucado, the the pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, TX posted an update on his website announcing his medical condition and asked for prayers.

“Though surgery is a possibility, none is planned at the moment,” Lucado said in the video.

“The current strategy is to wait, watch, and pray that the aneurysm doesn’t increase any further in size. I am maintaining my normal routines and commitments; my ministry is undisturbed by this news.

Lucado said that he feels fine. “I am under the care of an outstanding medical team, and most of all, I am in the hands of a good God.”

Lucado ended the message saying, “Please know that I am fully trusting our heavenly Father. I am grateful for your prayers for me and for my family.”

In 2007, Lucado had stepped down from his position as senior minister at Oak Hills Church seven months after being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. He has continued to serve and preach at the church as its teaching minister.

(Picture Courtesy: San Antonio Express)

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