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Lemon Drop Candy

When life gives you lemons, mix them with some sugar and make some candy. These goodies have an intense lemony flavour, that’ll make your face pucker with joy.

Mix these in a bowl: lemon/lime juice – 4 tbsp, lemon essence – 1 tsp, food colour – green.

You would need some equipment handy – a heavy bottomed pan, a candy thermometer, a bowl of cold water, silicon moulds/tray lined with baking paper.  Please keep everything ready before you start making the syrup to ensure best results.

Take a heavy bottomed pan and on a medium flame, boil 1/2 cup sugar, 3 tbs water and 4tbs corn syrup (if you have it)  till all the sugar has dissolved.

Keep heating on a medium-low flame till the syrup starts to thicken. Use you candy thermometer to check the temperature (Many recipes advice not to stir, but I keep stirring in between, to ensure that I get an even golden colour for my syrup. I did not want it to brown too much) Once it reaches a pale golden colour or 288°F, switch off the heat and remove the dish from the stove.

If you don’t have a thermometer, when the syrup turns pale golden, lower the heat to simmer and then put drops of the syrup into a bowl of cold water – if it forms stiff balls, it is ready. The balls will be pliable, they will harden when cooled.

Add the flavouring mix and stir quickly. Please be careful as the mixture may bubble and splatter.

Pour teaspoons of the syrup into a silicon mould (if you have one) If you don’t have a mould, line a tray with baking paper and just drop spoonfuls onto it.

Let it cool. Freezing for a bit, hastens the candy-making process. Once cooled, dust and coat your candies in 1/4 cup powdered sugar. I just toss the powdered sugar and the candy in my candy jar.

Note: You could make this candy with a variety of flavouring essences. I also recommend the raspberry flavour with lemon juice.

By Tessy Antony

Tessy is a wife, mother and educationist, who has lived in Bahrain with her family for 23 years. She hinges on loving life, living it to the fullest and using God-given talents – for others. Tessy holds a management position, playing a key role in the Primary Education of children at Al Noor International School, Bahrain www.alnischool.com  An avid reader, she also weaves her magic into food, fashion and art. One of the founding members of our foodies team, Tess is the one who gave the group its name – Two To Mango.

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