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Jackfruit Preserves

Jackfruit Preserves, Jackfruit Halwa or Chakka Varatti is pureed Jackfruit heaven – a finger-licking good treat from Kerala, India’s southern state.

It is a type of dessert made with jackfruit, ghee, jaggery and a dash of spices.

Chop 15 pieces of ripe jackfruit. Puree them – not finely – leave some tiny bits in. Alternately, you could pressure cook the jackfruit with half a cup of water until you hear three whistles.

Pour 1 tablespoon of ghee into a thick pan. Pour 2 cups of melted jaggery syrup (powdered jaggery melted in hot water) Add the pureed/cooked jackfruit.

Keep stirring for around 10-15 mins on low flame until the mixture thickens.

Add 1 tbs ghee when it dries and begin to stick to the pan. Add 2 pinches of powdered cardamom and 1 pinch of powdered dry ginger.

Add another tbs ghee and keep stirring until it leaves the sides of the pan.

Enjoy. If there is any left, refrigerate. And you could also make our yummy Jackfruit Payasum with it!

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