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How to pick the right career?

Determining a career path can be intimidating, overwhelming and stressful, especially if you have no idea where to begin. Although some know exactly what career path they would like to take before they even graduate high school, most struggle to decide what they would like to do.

To help lessen this overwhelming and stressful burden, here is a to do list to help get you started:

  1. Write down your interests

Write down anything and everything that interests you. Whether it be a hobby or a subject that sparks your interest, write it down. Do you love to read? Write it down. Do you love video games? Write it down. Do you love technology? Write it down. You can have 5 interests or you can have 20. There’s no such thing as too many interests.

  1. Research

Now it’s time to do a little research on each of these subjects. What types of jobs are available that involve reading? An Editor. A Teacher. Researching online, you can find so many different jobs that you had no idea even existed. It might be exciting for you to see what is out there. If technology is an interest of yours, there is even an area in online training that can break it down to a specific subject pertaining to technology that suits your interests.

  1. Narrow it down

Whether you have 10 interests with 20 career choices each or 2 interests with 5 available careers, narrow it down. Start with the available careers in each subject and cross off the ones that you don’t feel you would connect with. There may be a subject that you end up crossing off every single available job there and that is okay. The more you narrow it down, the closer you will be to determining your career! There is not a specific number that you need to narrow it down to, just narrow it to the least amount possible.

  1. Education

Now it’s time to determine the education you may need for each of these subjects. If you have narrowed it down to just one, this will obviously be easy and you can begin applying to schools or taking the correct steps that involve beginning this career. If you have more than that, research how much education you will need for each career path and write it down.

  1. Narrow it down again

If you have already narrowed it down to one and you know the career path you want to take, you can skip this step. You will now be playing the process of elimination game. Based on the amount of education and what you feel is realistic, you can narrow it down even further. If you want to be a doctor badly enough, 8 years of school may not be too unrealistic for you.

  1. Talk to a career counsellor

Whether you have multiple career options that you cannot choose from, or you know which path you would like to take, set up an appointment with a career counsellor at a college or university that you are considering. They will be able to not only help you decide, but will point you in the correct direction to begin the process of starting your career.

There may sometimes be a specific subject that doesn’t involve going to a college or university. For example if you are one that is interested in technology, there are schools specifically focused on helping you take online training courses.

Research is key and if you do it properly – you will, without a doubt, be successful in finding a career that you love.

By Cleo G.

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