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Green Pass to enter Vatican

A health pass showing proof of immunity from Covid-19 will be required to enter the Vatican as of October 1st, the city state has declared.

Entry will also be granted to those who have a negative molecular or antigenic test for the SARS-COV-2 virus.

The certificate, originally conceived to ease travel among European Union states – shows that someone has been vaccinated, has tested negative or has recently recovered from the coronavirus.

Residents, workers as well as visitors, will have to carry the co-called “Green Pass” that is already widely used in areas surrounding Italy, the Holy See said in a statement.

The Pope affirmed the necessity of ensuring “the health and well-being of the working community while respecting the dignity, rights and fundamental freedoms of each of its members,” and requested the Governorate to “adopt every suitable measure to prevent, control and counteract the health emergency.”

An exception will be made for those attending mass, but only “for the time strictly necessary for the celebration,” during which health regulations regarding distancing, the use of personal protective equipment, limitation of movement and the assembly of people, and the adoption of specific hygiene norms must be respected.

The Green Pass is an extension of the European Union’s Covid-19 certificate, designed to make travel, as well as entry into certain venues, easier.

The pass can be downloaded as a smartphone app and is available in a paper version.

Verification of compliance with the new norms will be carried out by the Service for the Health and Safety of Workers in the workplaces of the Directorate of Health and Hygiene.

The Vatican implemented its rules the same day the surrounding country of Italy implemented mandatory use of the pass to access places like bars and restaurants, gyms, theatres, museums, sporting events and concerts.

France was the first EU nation to make proof of immunity mandatory to access a range of services and venues.

(Agencies; Picture Courtesy: AP)

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