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Easy house cleaning tips

A change of season can mean many things for many different people.

While some people may pack their bags and head over to tour the world the entire season, others may find themselves, along with their kids, at home a lot more than during the rest of the year.

With the constant back and forth between the outdoors and your home and the daytime hours filled with plenty of eating, juggling chores and working from home, your home can get messier faster than you think.

We’ve put together some house cleaning tips to keep control of the clutter and the dirt.

1. Bathroom – With so many moments where you are going from the pool or beach straight to the shower, it only takes a few trips for it to start looking pretty grimy. Grab a sponge and give your bathtub or shower a quick wipe down before the grime sets in and it’s more of an effort (and a chore!) to clean. Swish a brush around the toilet bowl daily and wipe your mirrors with a finely woven microfibre cloth, which won’t leave streaks or lint!

2. Kitchen – The heart of the home! This place can get super messy super fast with all the action it gets. Give your counters a quick wipe down after meals so as to remove any food crumbs or spills. Spray down outside of the stove, tabletop, and countertops with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe with a microfibre cloth or paper towel. A nicely wiped down kitchen makes you instantly calmer about those dishes in the sink!

3. Patio/Deck – With gorgeous blue, sunny skies, and higher temps, you know we’re in patio season! If you’re using this area a lot, you’ll want to clean it and keep it clean for those patio parties and BBQs you’re hosting. Hose down the whole area first; a pressure washer would be ideal! Use a stiff brush and thoroughly scrub down the patio area with your cleaning solution. Leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing the surface with your hose or pressure washer. Be careful not to let any of the cleaning solution spill over into your lawn or flowerbeds! This type of cleaning would kill your grass and flowers.

4. Laundry Room – Ah yes, and then there are the copious amounts of laundry your washing machine will have to bear! From swimsuits to multiple changes due to outdoor time, you’ll want to keep your washer in tip top shape. A tip to clean your laundry machine is to run vinegar through the washer – this will sanitise the inside and clear away soap scum. Don’t forget to empty the lint trap in your dryer! Wipe off fuzz with a damp cloth or a used fabric- softener sheet.

5. Bedroom – At the end of a long summer’s day, you’ll want to curl up in your clean bedroom. Put away any stray items that may be cluttering your room – clothes, books, etc. If you so wish, light a candle that helps promote a healthy, deep sleep while also bringing a fresh scent to your room.

We know the going can get tough during the summer with clutter piling up, your to-do list growing and with the parties you may be hosting. But these tips will definitely help, every change of season

By Joseph H.
Christ & Co.

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