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Australian TV’s hellish slip-up

A news broadcast on Australian news channel ABC was interrupted after a video of a satan worshipping ceremony was broadcast on-air.

The incident occurred during a segment on Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) nightly news bulletin detailing the introduction of a new law that could see criminals handed prison sentences for hurting police animals. While a segment on police dogs and horses being hurt in the line of duty was being telecast, suddenly the feed cut to footage from a satanic ritual, featuring three individuals on a stage alongside an illuminated upside-down crucifix.

ABC presenter Yvonne Yong had just revealed the news that the Australian Government are seeking to introduce prison sentences for those who harm police dogs or horses. The decision was made as a response to a dog who was stabbed in the line of duty.

But as a clip played out and as Ms Yong waited for her cue, a short clip of a bizarre satanic ceremony was shown for little more than two seconds.  In the clip, a room is lit up with red light with three people standing on a stage behind an altar. The altar is adorned with a pentagram with an upside-down red cross to the left of it.

A man is seen for two seconds before shouting “hail Satan” before the camera cuts back to Ms Yong who could do nothing but continue as if nothing had happened.

Ms Yong was left awkwardly staring at the camera after a clip from a satan worshipping ceremony was aired in error following a news segment on police service animals.

After a momentary pause, she continued on to the next news item.

Many are questioning the origin of the clip, as there were no stories linked to the clip on ABC.

ABC TV has so far failed to provide an explanation as to what happened.

According to Insider, the footage featured on the news broadcast comes from a Facebook video published by the Noosa Temple of Satan, a Devil worship group based out of Queensland, Australia.

The clip unwittingly featured on the ABC TV bulletin reportedly originates from a Facebook live stream conducted by the group on October 30. It can be seen around the eight-minute mark of the video

The clip has been viewed nearly 200,000 times on Twitter.

The Noosa Temple of Satan is pushing to allow satanism to be taught in school following a proposed religious discrimination bill that will defend the religious views of individuals in the workplace, even if they are bigoted.

(Express News; Picture: ABC screenshot)

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