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Britney Spears slams church

Britney Spears has slammed the Catholic church for not letting her marry Sam Asghari in the church.

Spears revealed that she wanted to get married in a Catholic church but couldn’t, because she doesn’t practice Catholicism

In an Instagram post, the popstar hit out at the place of worship, saying: “Isn’t the church supposed to be open to all?”

Spears shared a photo of a couple tying the knot at her dream church – St Monica’s in Santa Monica, California.

She says that she wanted to visit the church multiple times during the coronavirus pandemic, but was unable to because the place of worship was forced to close its doors as a way of alleviating the spread of the virus.

After the church reopened, she was told she would have to convert to Catholicism if she wanted to marry there.

The Instagram post read: “This is where I originally wanted to get married during Covid!!!!

“I wanted to go every Sunday… it’s beautiful and they said it was temporarily shut down due to Covid!!!!

“Then 2 years later when I wanted to get married there they said I had to be Catholic and go through TEST!!!!

“Isn’t church supposed to be open to all????”

Instead of converting, Spears, 40, wed Sam Asghari, 28, in the backyard of her mansion in Thousand Oaks, Calif., in June.

The singer’s fans flooded the comments section to react to her post.

“Britney coming for the church. Iconic,” one person commented. “Godney has spoken,” a fan wrote. “Giiiirrll this is a MESS! To get married in the Catholic Church yes you have to be catholic it’s not just a random venue,” one follower explained. “You have to be Catholic to get married in a Catholic Church. It’s always been that way,” another netizen agreed. “Some traditions need to be respected Britney,” another said.

Spears had announced in April that she and Asghari were expecting a baby. A month later, the singer said she had suffered a miscarriage.

Iranian-born Asghari is a personal trainer and actor who has appeared on the Showtime series “Black Monday”.

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