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Boxer thanks Jesus for victory

British boxer Tyson Fury thanked Jesus and gave Him all of the credit score for having “raised” him to his toes and giving him victory.

Fury defeated American boxer Deontay Wilder at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, gaining the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title.

The heavyweight boxer told BT Sport it was Jesus who gave him the strength to continue fighting, after he was on the brink of defeat in the fourth round.

When Fury was recovering from depression and mental illness, he “couldn’t do it on his own” and got down on his knees, to ask God for help.

I went down as a four hundred pound fat guy, but when I got up off the floor after praying for like twenty minutes…I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.

While claiming his title, Fury gave a two-part speech. The champion spoke of his Christian faith first.

“Thank you to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I say those who bring evil against me will not prosper. Those who stand in the dark can never come into the light. All praise be to the one and only true God Jesus Christ,” Fury said.

“My Lord and Saviour raised me to my toes this night to present Him the honour.”

Then Fury praised his opponent Wilder for fighting like a champ and finishing strong.

“I just want to say a big shout out to Deontay Wilder. He came in tonight and really showed the heart of a champion. I hit him with a clean right hand and dropped him, but he got back up and battled on into round seven. He is a warrior, he will be back and will be a champion again.”

He said that he was going to pray for his fallen opponent.

Fury credits his Christian faith with helping him to turn from suicide. Fury has also been known to thank Jesus after fights, since his triumphant return to boxing.

After the tournament, the boxer was noticed wearing a hat with the phrase, “Jesus: El Rey Viene,” in Spanish, which means, “Jesus, the King is coming.”

The clips of Fury praising Jesus for his victory have gone viral.

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