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At least a Pumpkin

Everything is ready

Set up

And now it is time

You brace yourself for the treasure

Waiting she growls in protest

I look down to see a rumbling grumbling stomach

“You have got one serious appetite”

“Get on with it,” she cries

I take a deep breath

And shut my eyes

I hear a beat “Oh no, not my heart too!”

I think I’m turk-in out

“You mean, chickening out says a voice”

But I don’t I beg for a chariot to take me away

Why didn’t I have a fairy godmother?

Oh even a pumpkin would be enough

Maybe just one peek

I have never had such meat

I see out stretched arms

The poor bird is gone

Yet I am relieved

I grab a piece of bread instead.

By Jemima Robins

Jemima Robins is a college student in Northeast America. Her hobbies include reading, painting, and gardening. Jemima’s favourite part of Thanksgiving is spending time with her family (certainly not the turkey)! She wrote this poem poking fun at her dislike of turkey, during Thanksgiving.

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