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Asesinato from the pen of Kenneth John George is a blood chilling short story that leaves the reader in a stunning experience of suspense, thrill and tension in every line of the story.

The creative skills of the co-author, Rethul Renil are also phenomenal. This amazing work matches the exceptional feel of reading the best sellers, though the author is a new face in the field of publication. The readers will definitely relish this wonderful crime story.

The story progresses through the probes of a young woman – Blake – into the mysterious and incredible murder of her husband, Andrew.

Her investigation and confrontations with other characters intensify the reading experience.

Through the presentation of the criminal and psychological dispositions of its characters, in this small but mind- blowing work, the author ventures to convey the unrealised fact that there is a black or dark shade to everyone.

Asesinato is a perfect blend of conflicts – between criminals, morality, relationships and love. The story truly leads us to the dark side of the world and life.

This work will certainly be counted among the haunting thrillers written in sparkling and poignant prose; this is an intriguing debut of a new face in crime, thriller and fiction.

If you enjoy reading crime thrillers, do not hesitate to pick up Asesinato. 

You can contact the author or grab a copy for yourself here: https://amzn.eu/d/ftsR8u1

I personally guarantee you an exceptional experience that is worth your time.

Rating: 8/10

Sherin Shaji is studying for a BA degree – Triple Major in English, Communication and Journalism. He is a seminarian and enjoys reading and exploring different genres of fiction. He worked for years as a teacher in India. His love for Jesus is his centre point in life.

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