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Aid for children who lost parents to Covid

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday announced that Rs 4,000 would be provided through various schemes to meet the daily needs of children who lost their parents to Covid-19.

The PM has promised Rs 4,000 a month for basic needs, schooling, scholarship for higher education and free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh.

“I know how difficult the situation is for people who have lost their family members during the Covid-19 pandemic. This program is for the children who lost their parents during the pandemic,” said PM Modi.

“If someone needs an education loan for professional courses, for higher education, then PM CARES will help in that too,” the PM said.

Apart from these, Modi announced that a stipend would be provided to those between 18 to 23 years, who lost their parents in the pandemic. They will be given Rs 10 lakh when they turn twenty three.

The Narendra Modi-led government completes eight years today.

The Modi government faces multiple challenges from reviving the economy to reforming the agriculture sector after the three farm laws were withdrawn last year.

(Agencies; Picture Courtesy: ANI)

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